Susanna Brenner and Helle Lyshøj have joined forces and are now operating under the name VideoMachas. They are visual artists based in Amsterdam, specialized in developing concepts for moving images in the fields of theatre, performance, music clips and video art.


Susanna Brenner Gerrit Rietveld Academy (BA), Piet Zwart Institute (MA). She is a audiovisual artist and is creating videos for performance theatre, opera, dance and various assignments for companies. She captures the intimate stories and images and often transforms them into objects, movies or projections for theater and installations.

Helle Lyshøj Design School Kolding (BA), Gerrit Rietveld Academy (BA). She is a video designer and video scenographer for dance, theatre, opera and performances. She masters several techniques such as animation, morphing, green screen and live video on stage. One of the trademarks of her work is the interaction between video and live performance.